How much strength do you need in Stick RPG to sell drugs?

How much strength do you need in Stick RPG to sell drugs?
The player can get hired in the job once they acquired at least 75 Intelligence, 60 Strength and -1 Karma.

What do you do in Stick RPG?
Stick RPG is a fun, fiction RPG game where you can survive by drug dealing, bar fights, or bank robberies. When you start the game you are given three choices you can choose from. Those three choices include how long you want your game to last.

How much intelligence do you need for CEO in Stick RPG?
Vice President (req 180 int, pays $50/h) CEO (req 250 int, pays $100/h)

How smart do you have to be to get the car in Stick RPG?
A yellow car will always be present next to your apartment in Stick RPG. Once the player has +350 Intelligence points, they can hotwire the car and press “C” to drive it.

How do you get a lot of money in Stick RPG?
The stock market is what allows players to gain hundreds of millions of dollars (but it requires a bit of luck). Once you have access to the stock market, wait until a stock goes down to $1. Invest everything you have into it and watch it grow! You can’t lose money here because stocks can’t go lower than $1!

Can you rob the bank in Stick RPG?
The bank can also be robbed.

Is there a stick RPG 3?
A impressive and final sequel to the first 2 games. I highly recommend this game and its series to any person who loves rpg games. The controls are very simple and even when it’s the third one, the game keeps it simple by adding help buttons and tips for newcomers to use.

How do you become a hitman in Stick RPG?
Hitman is a job available at Vinnie’s of Stick RPG 2. The player can be employed for this job by asking Vinnie, and have negative karma and up to 180 strength stat in order to be employed.

Where is Tiffany in Stick RPG 2?
Locations. Morning: Tiffany can be seen right outside the Mobster Tower in the 2nd island.

Who is the most powerful hero in League of stickman?
1 BM. Bm is my favorite and also my best character he is a living legend and he has two cool skin. 2 Samurai. Samurai is also my favorite character his fast and deadly moves is making him put in the number two. 3 Ninja. 4 Kalpa. 5 Raven. 6 Feist. 7 Hunter. 8 Monkey.

How do you rob a convenience store in Stick RPG?
On the outside, the store has a light-up “ENTER” sign above the door, as well as some graffiti that is spray painted on the side of the building. The Red-Headed Stick paces back and forth between this store and the Pawn Shop. You can also rob the store if you have a gun with ammo and it is mid-day.

What is the best job in Stick RPG?
The Government Official profession is located inCity Hall and is considered the best career in Stick RPG 2, with the max pay being $2,420.

What is the end goal of stick RPG?
Though the game can be played however the player so desires, what has been viewed as the main goal of the game is to achieve and aquire all that is possible.

What drug do gamers take?
Adderall has long been associated with students pulling ‘all nighters’ to cram for exams or finish assignments and gain an academic edge. In the gaming world, it is used to improve players’ focus, attention and reflexes during game play, and keep them awake for hours on end.

How do you lower your karma in Stick RPG?
Doing “bad” deeds. Random events while working a job. Buying an ID card from the illegal seller. (-25 Karma) Giving the Trophemons to the Eccentric Billionaire. Eating Devil Food Cake (-50 Karma) (Director’s Cut only)

Is there a Stick RPG 2?
Stick RPG 2 is a Role-playing game developed and published by XGen Studios on April 19, 2011, 8 years after the release of Stick RPG. Like the first game, the player takes the role of a blue stickman through the 2.5 Dimensional city known as Paper Thin City.

How do you marry Victoria in Stick RPG 2?
Go to the Casino and talk to the Jewelry Flipper. Trade him the Watch you got from Victoria for the Wedding Ring. With the wedding ring in your inventory, you are now able marry Victoria.

What is the highest paying job in Stick RPG 2?
No,its Light Night and Dark Lord that make the most money. You only work one hour and the maximum pay is $999 dollars (yes i’m serious.),which when balanced with the king (which takes 3 hours),it would actually sum up to $2997 in three hours,which compared to the “King” Job,its $2420 in 3 hours.

How do you become a dictator in Stick RPG?
Must have at least 800 in each of the three core stats. Must have purchased Castle for Living Quarters. you will get a message in message’s asking you to run a campaign. Must have at least $500,000 or more in hand. Must be the CEO of New Lines Inc. Must have -1 Karma or lower.

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